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Oh noes!!! Not the beard!

All the LEGO belongs to @Yoni

Nein, nein, nein!
Das Machine is nicht fur Gefingerpoken und Mittengrabben.  Ist easy
schnappen der Springenwerk, blowenfusen und corkenpoppen mit
Spitzensparken.  Ist nicht fur Gewerken by das Dumkopfen.  Das
rubbernecken Sightseeren keepen Hands in das Pockets.  Relaxen und
watchen das Blinkenlights!

Jaysus! Safe travels to you!
Merci. It's only travel to the train station that I have to worry about.


Did you know?
You can use the dnstop command on Linux, FreeBSD/Unix to monitor both authoritative & caching DNS server network traffic. It can show:

Source & Destination IP addresses
Query types
Response codes
Top level domains and more.

See for more info.

Try all of the things 😈
I think you mean...
Try ALL the things


Braess’ Paradox says that if you add more lanes to a road, congestion increases. For instance, in 2008, a Houston freeway was expanded to 26 lanes, and travel times increased by 30%.


Jun 30
Alex away
Fri 3:00 PM - Fri 2:30 AM Toronto/Barrie

May 13
Alex away
Sat 12:00 PM - Mon 7:00 PM Chicago/New Orleans/Philadelphia/Montreal


Seven things that you need to tell your kid to change their life


Seven things that you need to tell your kid to change their life:

1 I love you

2 I'll be here if you need me

3 Everything is going to be alright

4 Make a backup all important data

5 Verify backup

6 Find out the restore time for backup

7 Cloud is someone else computer


1980 Computers are for nerds
1990 Computers are for everyone

1995 The internet is for nerds
2005 The internet is for everyone

2005 Smartphones are for nerds
2015 Smartphones are for everyone

2006 Twittr is for nerds
2016 Twitter is for everyone

2022 Mastodon is for nerds


Let's Encrypt now supports ACME-CAA


To summarize (yes I pasted): a CAA record might point to Let’s Encrypt, but anybody could sign up at Let’s Encrypt, so this does not protect anyone. But if the CAA record points at a specific account name at Let’s Encrypt (which it can now do), this closes that hole.
This is similar to the lame delegation problem; i.e. where some old forgotten subdomain has a CNAME record pointing to some big hosting provider; although the site does not work anymore, the CNAME record is still there, and an attacker could get an account at that same big hosting provider and sign up with the same subdomain name, since the CNAME record is still valid. This way, they would get access to providing connectivity (web content, incoming e-mail) for a domain name they should not have.
Frelcome. >πŸ˜€

The more you know.

@Gary If you didn't know moose were Jewish, now you know.

Χ—Χ’ אורים Χ©ΧžΧ—

Happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish friends!


And now for something completely different

@Yoni You know what they say..many Hans make light work.

(and employees must always wash Hans)

I ❀️ #friendica

Welcome me to the Fediverse @Yoni 🧐
Welcome, @Gary !

So far, this might not be working quite as well as we had hoped.
Eh. We shall see. Worst case, we install all over again.
I like what I see.