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#MastodonNews April 30, 2023

Tech media starting to take notice of the insane #Bluesky Terms of Service.

Mashable: What to know before signing up for Bluesky - Signing up means signing over your content. >>>

"You know what they say in tech: move fast, break things, and claim ownership of your users' content!"

#twittermigration #ContentLicense #DataProtection

Let's make it a game to figure out the insane overreach #Bluesky are attempting.

Hint directly from their Terms of Service (

a. " located at (“Site”), [AND!] the Authenticated Transfer [AT] social protocol (“Protocol”)"

b. "...our Site, Protocol, and App... are collectively called the “Services.”"

c. "By making any User Content available through the Services, you hereby grant to Bluesky..."

Any guesses?

#twittermigration #ContentLicense

Any1 who’s dealt w/ Elon, or Jack on Twitter, should be on board making sure that .social doesn’t get so big some creep wants to buy it. We should be telling #newbies about it when they migrate before they’ve done a lot of posts that they could lose, they should look & see if a different instance would suit them better. If you’re concerned, talk to atleast one newbie a week! We can make a serious dent in this problem. #mastodon #Twitter #TwitterMigration

Elon's new plan to monetize Twitter is brilliant. Now that he has restored the #EightBuckSchmuck blue checkmark to wealthy famous people who don't want it, he can charge them a stiff fee to remove it again.


#MastodonNews Feb 28, 2023

Flipboard... The news reading app, whose founder was once on Twitter’s board of directors, is now going all in on the Fediverse.

engadget: Flipboard is leaning into Mastodon — and away from Twitter >>>

“As we embrace ActivityPub at Flipboard, we’ll effectively allow anyone who's on Mastodon to follow a user on Flipboard...”

"’s not clear how much longer Flipboard will [support Twitter] “It's total chaos over there,”


No. It's your whole unsupervised sales, education, management and accounting staff. You know what's going. Can't you be more proactive and publicly smite a few until the rest get inline?

#mastodon #sunday
#twittermigration #fediverse

Check it out, I'm on the @godpod this week - listen and share with your friends :)

I get to joke around and talk mastodon with godpod and his crew. We answer community questions, talk about twitter waves, funding instances and so much more.

I had a blast and look forward to continuing the story in future podcasts.

OH... and it's BY RON ;)

#mastodon #podcast #socialmedia #tiktok #twitter #twittermigration #mastoadmin

If you’re not on a paid #WordPress sub that allows plugins or coding, you can use a combo of the Social Icons and RSS blocks to replicate some of the in-built support for #birdsite profiles. It’s functional, if not perfectly formed 😜

#TwitterMigration #Mastodon

I have tried four android apps, looking for one that was highly customizable and thanks to this post I found Subway Tooter! I love it. I'm still discovering features and settings. But it looks great. Tks #Feditips. #twittermigration

There are online tools for finding out Mastodon addresses of people you follow on Twitter.

I'm not on Twitter so cannot test. However, if you want to try:

🐦 Debirdify

🔍 Fedifinder

➡️ Movetodon

Could you let the rest of us know your experiences in the replies?

If you want other people to find you, put your full Mastodon address in your Twitter profile. More info here:

#Twitter #TwitterMigration

Can not tell from this list if there a plan to present threads in reverse chronological order in the profile timeline similar to how Twitter and now Elk do it?

#mastodon #roadmap #twittermigration

" But once you experience #Mastodon, you suddenly realize just how much advertising, spam, and phishing you are being force-fed. I find Mastodon restful. Like the first time you realized that TV is possible without commercials. Also, because journalists and scientists are leading the charge to Mastodon, my feed seems to reflect a culture of knowledge, even leaning on peer-reviewed citations."


This is a comparison of threading on Elk vs the Mastodon Web Browser. Note that Elk recognizes the thread and puts it in the correct (reverse chronological) order not upside down (chronological) order. This is a huge improvement and fixes one of the most significant limitations of Mastodon vs. Twitter. Also it is prettier and takes less vertical space.

#elk #twittermigration
Side by side screenshots of a threading test comparing Elk and the Mastodon Web Browser that shows how elk reorders threads in reverse chronological order so that they read from top to bottom, not bottom to top.

This seems like a big deal. Both @jeff ( and @supernovae ( are offering to help smaller instances that are considering shutting down due to cost.

"If you are a #mastodonadmin of an instance that is 1000+ users and considering shutting down please reach out to me." >>>

"We're happy to help as well - either keep things up or sustain them for the 3 months for people to gracefully migrate away." >>>


#Introduction that I'm never happy with:

♾️ I'm #ActuallyAutistic with #adhd & #anxiety to spice things up, #queer 40s year old from #Ottawa, #Canada.

Interests include: #scifi (including #StarTrek & #DoctorWho), #Linux, #history, #genealogy (as much as I can without paying for it), #psychology, #politics, member of an #AppropriateTechnology non-profit building a small community in Quebec (starting with cabins), occasionally talks in #memes & needs a job to support his #travel habit.

Prefers cats more than people.

#TwitterMigration #birdsite

Pro-Tip: Migrating servers doesn't *have* to mean losing ALL your history ✨ it's not complex✨

- Set up a new account on your new server
- Follow your old account
- BOOKMARK your best old account posts (say 20-30)
- Perform the standard migration process, which links old and new accounts
- BOOST your OWN old bookmarked posts from old-to-new, giving you a starting timeline, then your #Introduction

Sharing as I did this back in early November when I moved 💫 and found it useful #TwitterMigration

#MastodonNews Jan 5, 2023

"Should I stay or should I go?" @Teri_Kanefield has written a very good long comparative analysis directed mostly at her Twitter followers...

Teri Kanefield: Twitter v. Mastodon v. Post v. Other Possibilities >>>

Spoiler... you should go to Mastodon. Twitter is now turning into a "right-wing propaganda machine" and Post is plagued by "reputational algorithms" and "micropayments".



#MastodonGuides Dec 29, 2022

This is fantastic tool!

Followgraph for Mastodon >>>

This tool allows you to expand your connection graph and find new people to follow. It works by looking up your (or any other) account's "follows' follows".

It has a nice UI and doesn't require any permissions. It's quick, easy and really helpful. Try it now, it's just great!

#twittermigration #mastodontips
More Guides >>>

I just used this amazing tool and found a lot of interesting people.

It looks at the list of people you follow and compares it to their follows, and then suggests people that a lot of your follows follow.

Do you follow? Anyway, try it!

#TwitterMigration #TwitterExodus

It's here...Graze for Mastodon...for :ff: Firefox!

Use Mastodon 🐘 on desktop?

I made a browser extension to make following people, favoriting, bookmarking & boosting toots on remote instances as easy as your home instance! (1-click)!

Install Graze For Mastodon (:ff:Firefox) (:chrome: Chrome)

🙌 Appreciate the boosts! 🙌

#mastodon #MastodonTips #fediverse #feditips #TwitterMigration #NewToMastodon #GrazeForMastodon #fediverse #firefox
Promo image announcing Graze for Mastodon (browser extension) that makes 1-click actions on remote servers fast and easy, now available for Firefox browser

Hello #TwitterMigration folks! I’d love to connect with you and #FollowBack if you consider yourself a #ProgressiveChristian, part of the #ChristianLeft, or any variety of #ReligiousLeft. I post thoughts on #Christianity as it relates to #EconomicJustice and boost posts from interesting people who write about these areas!

So, I'm finding out the hard way that if you start a new Mastodon server, nobody can find you.

This is a shameless request for some boosts so some of the bigger instances see me.

#mastodon #twittermigration #mastodonserver #findme #helpimtrappedinawell #imlonely

#MastodonNews Dec 22, 2022

This is a pretty awesome story.

The New Stack: Why a Twitter Founding Engineer Is Now All-in on Mastodon >>>

Blaine Cook @blaine was one of the founding engineers of Twitter in 2006... I asked Cook if he thinks it’s likely that the fediverse can [become] the default platform for public conversation... “Yeah, I think it’s inevitable. We’ve seen a similar story before — the phone networks used to be monopolies.”

#twittermigration #fediverse

Updated Various Notable Accounts List with 50 more accounts including The Nation, VOA, Open Democracy and several UK and international publications:


Various Notable Accounts (Media, Politics, Tech, Ukraine, and more) CLICKABLE LINKS with Verification Status >>>

#twittermigration #politics #journalists #media #technology #ukraine

New List of Various Notable Accounts

Various Notable Accounts (Media, Politics, Tech, Ukraine, and more) - CLICKABLE LINKS with Verification Status >>>

Over the last few weeks @mastodonmigration has curated recommended account lists for journalists, media organizations, and Ukraine. This sheet is a sorted collection of those accounts plus other notable posters in an easy to reference clickable format.

#twittermigration #politics #journalists #media #technology #ukraine

There are fewer CW and ALT text since more people have moved here from Twitter.

It’s an unspoken rule here and one of the things that makes this app great. Friends, let’s keep it up and add alt text and cw as needed.

#twitter #alttext #mastodon #cw #twittermigration #twitterexodus

Happy to block on Mastodon someone who accuses scientists for causing the pandemic, with no evidence or rationale whatsoever.

And happy to stay on Mastodon as their account is not amplified. #Science #twittermigration #CovidOrigin #disinformation

If you want to know if anyone has been shadow banned on #twitter, you can try this:

Probably a good tool for #journalists and critics to try.


Who is Taylor Lorenz and why should we care?

She's a technology columnist for the Washington Post, suspended this evening from Twitter apparently for asking Musk to comment on a story involving Musk. Musk is demonstrating that he can extort censorship from the media with the ban hammer. Taylor was targeted to be an example. Other journalists are put on notice it's not them...this time, and reminded to toe the line. This is about press freedom. That's why we all should care.



Mastodon is easy.

Search and follow hashtags you like.

Follow a bunch of people to fill your timeline (prune back later)

If you want people to follow you:
- interact (add hashtags to your toots to get interactions)
- add a profile picture
- add a pinned #introduction toot and hashtag the crap out of it with all your interests

Boost toots you like to spread them around the Fediverse

Add alt text to images

And above all...
Be excellent to each other !!!
😉 🤟🤟🤟

There's a lot of discussion about #birdsite and #journalism right now. While we are still having ongoing conversations about how best to handle our presence there, we can say confidently that we plan on staying on Mastodon indefinitely, barring unforseen circumstances.

In just about a month, we've very clearly seen the value in our presence here, for reaching new people and having great conversations. Here's to the future of the fediverse! #SocialMedia #TwitterMigration

Content warning: Meme showing the proper response to the Birdsite