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hey.......i would like to know how to get verified on #Friendica .... if anyone would tell me, that would be cool....

Are you a developer? Do you want to help one of the most flexible, long-established and interesting Fediverse projects?

Friendica ( needs developers to help on the frontend, between the server-side PHP modules and views and the client-side HTML/CSS/Javascript aspect.

(It would also be nice if they ran their own Friendica node to help with testing.)

โžก๏ธ Are you interested? If so, get in touch with @hypolite

#Friendica #Fediverse #AskFedi :boost_requested:

I still miss an App for #friendica though. It could be very interesting for those who come from #facebook ...

Iโ€™m familiarizing myself with Friendica, and I feel as if Iโ€™m wandering around in the great Western frontier. #accessibility #ScreenReader #Blindness #Friendica

Can anyone recommend a federated #Friendica general-interest server? Iโ€™m running across a lot of special-interest and very small ones. Iโ€™d like something with maybe 100 or more users. Also useable with #Mastodon apps. Thanks!

I present the first named release of the Friendica mobile/desktop client: Relatica. It is still very much a work in progress but I'm going to start opening it up for beta usage (early beta). For iOS that will mean me letting up to 100 people into the inside testing team (Apple's limit). For the other platforms I'll be posting binaries/packages/install instructions for Android, Linux, macOS, and Windows in the coming days as well. I also setup a Relatica Matrix room for interactive discussions with me and other users. The README on the GitLab repo will have all those sorts of details. Enjoy! #friendica #FriendicaDev #relatica #flutter #DartLang #fediverse
Screenshot of the first release of the Relatica Friendica mobile/desktop client running on Windows.

If you use a #Friendica account, ignore the @ option. They are fixing it.

:friendica: Important note for #Friendica users! There's a bug that affects visibility of Friendica replies.

This bug only affects Friendica! MASTODON USERS ARE NOT AFFECTED.

Basically, replies by Friendica accounts using direct/mentions visibility in apps that rely on the Mastodon API will actually be public.

The linked issue mentions Fedilab as an example, but apparently this bug affects any Friendica-compatible app which relies on the Mastodon API.

(via @apps )