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Mastodon admins, do you want your server to backfill missing posts that haven't federated to you yet?

There's a new tool for this called FediFetcher:


Bear in mind it's still very new, please read the github at

(If you're on managed hosting you cannot use this directly, you'll need to ask your managed hosting provider if they can offer it.)

Thank you to @nellie_m for highlighting this!

#MastoAdmin #FediAdmin #Mastodon #Fediverse #Backfilling


Regarding developing an own #Fediverse #server, you probably want to take a closer look at #ActivityPub, a #W3C recommendation as of January 2018, to get started.

It defines server to server communication as well as client to server communication.

#Mastodon itself uses an own #Client #API. Other #Fediverse #software supports this sometimes.

BREAKING: Tina Turner has passed away. A very sad moment. A trailblazer, survivor, an everlasting megastar and a lovely person who was one of the greatest artists and performers of all time. There will never be another like Tina Turner. Rest in Power, Tina. 🙏🏿🖤 #RIPTinaTurner #BlackMastodon #Mastodon

What is the Fediverse?

Help us translate the subtitles on our translation tool.

Animation Produced by LILA - ZeMarmot Team
Direction & Animation by Aryeom
Script & Technology by Jehan
Voice by Paul Peterson
Licence: CC-By-SA 4.0

Sponsored by Framasoft

Sound by ORL - AMMD

Music: "Dolling" by CyberSDF - CC-BY 4.0

In this case, the apps use the #Mastodon #Client #API.

This is more or less also adapted by other #Fediverse #software.

It's documented in an open way, but is not really an open standard.

Regarding the open standard #ActivityPub, the server-to-server part is used, but not the client-to-server part.

Surprised to see official #Mastodon apps so low.

We all know you had no mother
but you could give a 'shout out'
to your EX .. you know, Asherah.

[It might have been a nasty divorce
but we all get over it, eventually.]

#Mastodon #Sunday #MothersDay #mom #StandingStoneSunday

7,500-year-old Juniper Stump Is Believed Oldest Goddess Asherah Idol

Mastodon in 180 Seconds 🐘

Lately, everyone seems to be trying to jump ship from Twitter to this new thing called "Mastodon". But when they do it, the first thing many of them say is "I don't get Mastodon. How does it work?" It's actually not complicated, just "different" from what you're used to. Here's a really simple explanation to help get you started.

#Mastodon should support hashtag following in selected instances. On the one hand you advise not to use giant instances like, on the other hand following hashtags on small instances doesn't make sense.

“The current total number of employees of *any kind* at Facebook/Meta is only 77,114.” —

According to, the #Fediverse has currently a bit less than 24,000 nodes and therefore approximately the same number of node administrators. Most of them do the administration only part-time, but nevertheless, if we count them as employees of an imaginary “Fediverse Corporation”, this makes the Fediverse quite a big entity and of the same order of magnitude as some social media companies.

This is why I view it as misleading when for example #Mastodon is described as a small project, just because the Mastodon gGmbh consists of less than a handful of people.

does this mean you can pay #EMuskovy to get verified on #Mastodon ?

Are you having problems getting your website link to turn green on your Mastodon profile?

Here are some instructions on how to verify your identity, including turning your site link green, and a set of troubleshooting suggestions on what to do if it doesn't work:


The troubleshooting tips are in the lower half of the page, in the section marked "My website address won’t turn green! How do I make it happen?".

#FediTips #MastoTips #Verification #Mastodon

Mastodon now has support for importing server-level blocklists. This allows admins to import ready-made blocklists instead of having to block hundreds of instances manually.

If you want a source of blocklists, you might want to try here:


There are many lists on that site, with different criteria as noted for each list. There's a very basic list for people who want to keep blocking to a minimum, and a range of longer lists too.

#Mastodon #Fediverse

Oliphant.Social Mastodon Blocklists

This is a curated place to find server blocklists for your own use. An algorithm combines multiple Trusted Source blocklists together and gives you a great deal of choice on which blocklist you want to use, along with transparency into how these are derived. I'm sharing this with others who want to start their Mastodon instance with a sensible list of domains that should be defederated. Download any of the lists on this page you like, depending on your desired amount of blocking.

Useful Links:

  • Full And Current Directory of BlocklistsThis is a static, permanent location you can bookmark with the latest blocklists in it.
  • Recommended “Bare Minimum” ListA smaller blocklist, for a brand new server. This includes only Tier0 blocks. Tier 0 requires majority consensus in blocks among (currently) 14+ sources in order to appear on the Seirdy T0 list. The Gardenfence list requires 5/7 consensus blocks among mostly fedi-council sources. The Fedi Council Tier 0 file requires 80% consensus and uses the “min” strategy.
  • Ultra-Minimalist: FedinukeA subset of Seirdy's Tier 0 list, this is a more minimal and curated list of the worst of the worst.
  • Ultra-Minimalist: 100% BlocksThe smallest unified blocklist, this requires all sources to agree to block these sites. These receive a universal vote of “no” on the “should we federate.”
  • Comprehensive Tier 3 Block ListThe largest recommended blocklist, using the most lenient merge policy. Only 2 trusted sources must agree on the block for it to be included in the list. This is a much larger blocklist by comparison to the T0 list. Feel free to start small before swallowing the entire ocean if this is your first time.
  • Birdsite Live BlocksEver search for someone's account you know from Twitter and get like 60 clones? That's these shitty things. Import and block them all (that we know about) if you want. Original Source List (possibly more up to date): Seirdy
  • This Blocklist AlgorithmHow this whole thing works.
  • Be Your Own OliphantGenerate these blocklists yourself, using the same code.

If you want explanations for a lot of the reasons for why someone or something is on this list, several of them can be found on the fediblock hashtag, others can be found on the About pages of the various instances, under “Moderated Servers.” None of the public reasons for defederation or silence are imported from remote servers, databased, or published. This is by design.

The receipts are increasingly being catalogued on on the Bad Space.

For non-admins, you can download any of these lists and import them into your personal blocked domains. Note: All 'Silence' options will be ignored when imported as a personal domain blocklist.

Yes, we know there is more to moderation than server blocklists. This is just a first line of defense.

Types of Lists

From individual server lists that can be downloaded and imported, as well as the Tier 0-3 lists.


We provide Mastodon.Social and Mastodon.Online lists for download. As flagship servers run by Eugen, we assume that the current defederations essentially are a statement on behalf of the Mastodon Server Covenant.

These lists are largely used as a basis of comparison.

Tier 0: 60%+ Agreement Between All Sources

These blocks are found in multiple blocklists across multiple trusted sources. These are the “bare minimum” lists. The combined amalgam of those lists is the Combined Tier 0 list below. No consensus on blocks is required between T0 sources, as they are already consensus-based lists.

You will sometimes see the Unified Tier0 list called the unified “min” list.

It's literally the same file, it's just a copy for those who can more easily track “min” with “minimum recommended blocks.”

As has been already strongly-implied, any of these T0 files are recommended as files for new server admins who are looking for the “bare minimum” list.

Tier 1-3: Representing Other Levels of Consensus

Tier 1-3 are built just like Tier 0. These are only consensus blocks, so to appear in the merged list, even for T3, it needs to be shared by at least 2 sources. The most lenient policy is taken across all sources. These combined lists already include Tier 0.

Fedi Council Blocklist Contributors

You are encouraged to use one of the blocklists of these trusted sources who are a representative subset of the “Fedi Council”. Provided with their permission, and my thanks.

A Culture Built Upon The Shoulders of Giants

All of this is built upon the shoulders of giants, specifically the Fediblock hashtag and the advocacy around it, created by and

They have been on the fedi since 2017 and are the entire reason we have lists like this at all, and have worked and suffered (in the face of a lot of hate and pushback) to bring us the fediblock culture that exists today.

It has been a very thankless task, and they are often erased in these efforts. But you should follow them and thank them, defend them if you see them against the “reply guys” of the fedi, because they are truly giants who deserve to be recognized for their accomplishments.

Everyone is building upon hard work and hard conversations they started, and it's become foundational to the idea of using Trusted Sources for blocks. Talk and federate among your friends, work together to corral bad actors, provide your blocks to others who are like-minded so they can protect themselves and their communities.


Can I become a Trusted Source?

Yes! Probably. We're trying to keep the list down to an unimpeachable list of sources to ensure “Trusted” status, so there is review period, and the existing council needs to agree on inclusion. This is to protect community safety.

I have no vote in who is included on the Trusted Council at this point.

You must also be willing to publicly share your server's blocklist so we can “show our work” for transparency.

Why don't you list the reasons for the suspended sites?

A visual diagram that summarizes what follows in text

There is no correct answer for me to this question.

  • If I explain why, then it becomes, “Why are you saying awful things about the people on this server?”
  • If I don't explain why, then it becomes, “Why are you blocking people for no reason?”

You can check most of these sources and see on their own /about page under “Moderated Servers” why they recommend silence or defederation. Most of these reasons are already public.

I'm doing everyone involved a courtesy by not including them, to be honest.

Whose list should we trust?

Only you can answer that question. I now provide multiple lists in addition to my own and make no judgments whatsoever about which list you use, so I am no longer the single authority here. Choose any server's list that you want, hand-edit your own, or use the merged list. I'm showing all my work here.

How does anyone get off the list?

Getting on the list doesn't mean you're on the list forever. I realize this is by nature subjective. I have not hidden this fact!

This is a toolkit, a process, and it all is based on the Trusted Sources. No server—not even the contributors—are safe from appearing on the list.

You should plea your case with the server admins who comprise the sources of the list, work with them to get your server off of a list. If anything changes, the change will be reflected in the repo within an hour.

If any part of this does not suit you, if you want to create your own allowlist of safe domains that will never be included on any blocklist ever, You can do that with this process: on codeberg or github.

You can run that and get the same results I do using the same process, or go into the list of sources and remove them or add your own. Go into the __allowlist.csv file and add any sites you want to the list.

You're also welcome to fork the repo and push that up as your own version of the lists, and recommend those to others instead of my own.


If you need help with using Mastodon :mastodon: and the Fediverse :fediverse: you can ask me for help, but please check the website at first. It has lots of questions answered!

If you can't find what you need on the site, just mention me or message me and I will reply to you as a DM.

(I'm not doing publicly-visible replies from this account any more, as most people don't need to see them.)

#Mastodon #Fediverse #Introduction #ReIntroduction

How do you use/ view #Mastodon on mobile? App? Which one? Happy with it? Not sure if it’s my internet connection or server but the official Mastodon app is super slow and the mobile browser is not the best user interface/ experience ☹️

Content warning: Fediverse - Mastodon - Decentralization (1/5)

#Fediverse Software Comparison

Legend: dashed = partial, full = implemented, double = enhanced

Credit to and @kainoa

#Calckey #Mastodon #Misskey #Pleroma #Akkoma #FoundKey #Pixelfed #GoToSocial

A table. Columns: Calckey Mastodon Glitch-soc Misskey Pleroma Akkoma Foundkey Pixelfed GoToSocial. Rows: Rich posts Chatting Migration Search Quote posts Emoji reacts Threads User backfilling. Calckey has all.

In case you missed it, you can edit your posts on Mastodon. Just go to the post you want, click ⋯ and then "Edit".

This should work on the web and all the apps. (Some third party apps may have a slightly different interface.)

Whenever you edit a post, it sends a notification to everyone who has interacted with it, and a link (usually labelled "edited") will appear below the post showing all previous versions. This is to prevent "bait & switch" shenanigans.

#FediTips #Mastodon

Screenshot of a Mastodon post with the "Edited" link clicked on to show all the previous versions of that post.

Hence, we should #SpreadFediverse and constantly inform everyone that there is a world out there.

But how can we make people explore the fediverse when:

1. People falsely assume that #Mastodon is the #Fediverse / #ActivityPub. That's like saying #China is #Asia.

2. When something is lacking in Mastodon, people assume it is the Fediverse / ActivityPub that is lacking. That is like saying chicken is the worst food because you've tasted McDonald's chicken, when there #Jollibee's #ChickenJoy is tastier and juicier.

There are now even people who praise a non-fediverse network based on those false assumptions above. They have time to research a non-fediverse network, but doesn't have the time to do their due diligence about the Fediverse; all because they falsely assumed they've seen everything.

It's like moving to a new country, settling in a new home, exploring their new neighbourhood, and then assumed that village they're in is a representation of the entire country.

If we can make people see, and make people explore their own “city” and “country”, then maybe, just maybe, the distribution of people in the fediverse will start to balance between the different forks, projects, and instances. It won't happen overnight, but maybe we can plant the seeds.

I just lost my 20k+ tweets on the #BorgSite. I'd hate to lose a similar number of #toots again.

In order to prevent your, alas not unlikely, scenario, migrating #toots/#posts would be my utmost priority regarding development.

Regarding the limited features on #Mastodon, I'd give #Akkoma a shot. This would possibly give the #Fediverse an additional boost, as the limited features on rival platforms are always an issue.

I hope that developers take notice of this scenario.


Any1 who’s dealt w/ Elon, or Jack on Twitter, should be on board making sure that .social doesn’t get so big some creep wants to buy it. We should be telling #newbies about it when they migrate before they’ve done a lot of posts that they could lose, they should look & see if a different instance would suit them better. If you’re concerned, talk to atleast one newbie a week! We can make a serious dent in this problem. #mastodon #Twitter #TwitterMigration

And this should all not be the case.

Granted, #ActivityPub as a #MultiVendor / #MultiProvider - #Standard will outlive #Mastodon anyway, just as #HTML & #JavaScript outlived #Mosaic & #Netscape.

At most Mastodon will die out like #ActiveX, #InternetExplorer & #Twitter nowadays and #Windows ["Server"] in the future...

#Mastodon is technically decentralized by design. However, its official app tends to be centralized. It’s understandable that Mastodon wants to provide a default option to attract new users, but too many “defaults” make it another #Twitter.

By the way, “” is really long.

"Pick my own server" makes the impression of picking an *own* server, so most people will skip that. That's really not how things should be, why did the choose these words? It should be "Pick another server" instead.

Eugen literally said in one of his recent big interviews, that instance diversity is "historical" and he sees no alternative to default servers. Of course, his default servers.

When I read it, it was clear to me in which direction Mastodon is heading. The app is just the beginning.

Mastodon's decentralization is key to safeguarding free speech and preventing greedy centralization (which is what happens right in front of us now). Central servers can easily become susceptible to censorship, surveillance, and data abuse. By supporting Mastodon's diverse community of servers, we can ensure that power remains decentralized and accessible to all. Let's prioritize decentralization over greed!


Personally I can recommend @Tusky as client for #Mastodon on #Android since it's also available on @fdroidorg.

It really comes close to the ancient #TweetDeck #mobile app and @mariotaku's #Twidere...

Maybe #Mastodon is taking lessons from #Microsoft. They used to have a teeny, tiny #button (well, a link, really) to skip the automatic update to Microsoft Windows 10.

Learning something new everyday #Mastodon and #Fediverse having new features from a third-party provider is always impressive to me as opposed to the lockdown of #Twitter and their api.

Dear American Media Outlets;

This isn’t going to get any better. Leave #Twitter Now.


The sane people of #Mastodon


I love this. Being part of the #LGBTQ+ community I will always read that into anything with a spectrum of colours, regardless as to whether or not it was the designer's intention. In my eyes, this logo is wonderful - it has all the nodes connected to each other, all different but all equal and unified. It's perfect. It's why I love #Mastodon - and the instance I joined - so much. #MSTDN #mstdnca #MastodonCanada

The desktop version of Mastodon has two different interfaces: a single column Twitter-style one, and a multicolumn Tweetdeck-style one.

✅ To switch between Mastodon's desktop interfaces, go to Preferences > Appearance > Enable Advanced Web Interface. Selecting it activates multicolumn, unselecting it activates single column.

Multicolumn lets you add lots of additional columns, which may be handy for desktops on very wide monitors.

#FediTips #MastoTips #Mastodon #Interface #UI #Appearance
Screenshot of Mastodon's single column desktop interface
Screenshot of Mastodon's multicolumn desktop interface is a server for the Global South, let's welcome them to the Fediverse!


Official description: "Paktodon.Asia is the online public square for the Global South - a safe 'azad' mastodon server for ordinary citizens, students, and activists, to share, learn, grow, and collaborate in. Though we are all pakistani, Paktodon.Asia is open to friends from across the world!"

#FeaturedServer #Asia #GlobalSouth #Pakistan #Pakistani #Mastodon #Fediverse

Been working on a new project the last couple of months and it's finally ready for beta release!

#Fedimeister is a #Java based #Mastodon client (available for #Linux, #Windows and #MacOS under the Apache #opensource license) with a focus on #writing and #journalism. Features:

* Break long texts into threads
* Scheduled posting
* Hashtag research
* #Twitter quote tweeting emulation

Screenshot of the composer window, showing the text of "Alice in Wonderland"
broken down into a thread of posts.