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About us

Tel Keshet is a small egalitarian community located near Danford Lake, in the Pontiac, in the rural Outaouais.

Tel Keshet is a project of the Association de recherche en technologie appropriée de l’Outaouais (ARTAO).

Tel Keshet is currently preparing the land and building the infrastructure, in order to be able to house a permanent population.

Tel Keshet occasionally accepts visitors. If you’re interested in visiting us, please contact us. If you want to join us as a members, please contact us and describe how you think you can contribute to our community.

The village: Danford Lake

Danford Lake is the main village in the municipality of Alleyn-et-Cawood. It’s where the main businesses are located, including the general store, along with the fire hall and the municipal office.

The municipality: Alleyn-et-Cawood

Constituted in 1877, the municipality of Alleyn-et-Cawood is one of the rural municipalities of MRC Pontiac, where a number of farmers, hunters, tree fellers and seasonal residents live side by side. The area is 325.89 sq km. The permanent population is about 200, mais this can quadruple in summer. The population centres are Danford Lake, Cawood and Grove Creek.

MRC Pontiac

The county regional municipality (MRC) Pontiac groups 18 municipalities and one unorganized territory (TNO), and got its name from chief Obwandiyag of the Outaouais of Detroit. A poor rural MRC with an aging population, its population went from 23,317 in 1911 to 14,251 in 2016.

The region: Outaouais

As large as Belgium, the administrative region that is Outaouais wraps around Gatineau, the sole large city of the region, which faces Ottawa, the federal capital of Canada. This region is very diverse, with both dense urban areas and some of the least accessible regions of southern Quebec.