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Tel Keshet is a project of the Association de recherche en technologie appropriée de l’Outaouais (ARTAO).

The ARTAO is a contrat of association as defined by the second paragraph of article 2186 of the Code civil du Québec, RLRQ c C-1991.

The ARTAO is not only a laboratory to practice appropriate technology; we also work on developing legal structures necessary for good governance of a non-profit organization.


The following documents define the association and the parameters of its operation:

The following by-laws apply:

The following documents were replaced:


A project for an off-grade community was first imagined in 2004 by one of the future members of the association. Land was finally found and acquired in 2014 by two members, and work was started to make it suitable for camping and to make it livable. ARTAO was founded in 2019.